South Aldershot has been experiencing a renaissance of late. Huge lots have attracted builders and renovators, re-inventing these modest homes which are typically bungalows or sidesplits. Aldershot North has been reinvigorated with the increased trains to the Aldershot Go Station. Again, you will find bungalows, backsplits and sidesplits along with infill developments of large custom homes.  Average household incomes range from $115,000 to $150,000 and demographic is fairly evenly spaced with 8% children under 9 the majority of residents between 20-55. The one unusual statistic in Aldershot is that 17% of the residents are over the age of 75.


LaSalle Park
Kiwanis Park
Aldershot Park
Grove Park


A short drive to  shopping and restaurants. Minutes to 403 and Aldershot GO Station. Walking distance to Lake.


The average price of a house in Aldershot is approximately $900,000 year-to-date, 2018